Community Gallery is now in-progress ! Sincere apologies if this section takes a while to update (I have accepted the task of being the current web-master even though my life was already extremely busy with various projects but I will update the details about those issues on my own web-site later on some day).

I had to retreive all of these photos from a previous version of this web-page but, due to some prior web-site plug-ins probably going out of control (before I «took over» the task of updating this web-site from the previous web-mistress), nearly every single photo was duplicated at least a couple of dozen times into various sizes and resolutions; due to the scatter of duplicate images, I have to still go through many of them in order to try to find the original photo if it still exists, then remove all of the duplicates since there's no reason to be make several dozen copies of the same picture (for copies of files take up unnecessary disk-space and dozens of multiple multi-sized randomly cropped copies of the same photos make it more difficult to keep the files well-organised).

Anyway, when I manage to get the galleries completed, the names will be added to the grid but there are at least 80 different names of puppies that I still need to sort through (some of which have had over 50 different photos... imagine trying to clean up the clutter of 56 different photos when EACH of those photos had 20 or so unnecessary multi-sized copies to be deleted after figuring out which one I needed to keep for the gallery) ! Without further delay... here are the completed entries thus far:

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