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Blue Creek Kennel : Latest Updates
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Here in this section the web-master tries to keep you up-to-date on any changes that have been made to the web-site, when new puppies have become available, whether certain puppies are no longer available, any new relevant information that repeat-visitors to this web-site may find of importance or at least of some interest, etc. For now, they are listed in reverse-chronological order (is that correct ?), newest information at the top.

July 15th 2017: Alright, so just a quick update, I noticed that I still had several videos of all of the currently available listed puppies so they've now been uploaded and can be viewed from their respective pages if you go to the page for list-by-breed (Vizslas and Weimaraners have videos; I have not filmed any of the GSPs yet). I have also now sub-hired an assistant HTML-editor to help me complete the gallery pages some day.
July 13th 2017: ALL listings, including that of upcoming litters, are now currently up-to-date (for as far as I know anyway). View them from the breed-selection listings page... further updates to this web-site are currently post-poned until I have sufficiently dealt with other matters that are, believe it or not, critical and relevant to the future of the entire fate of humanity ! For now you can click on the relevant logos for listings...

July 12th 2017: All Vizsla-Listings are now currently up-to-date. Video-Clips section has been updated (video-footage of all the parents now available for viewing and also for all of Cloud's currently remaining puppies). Navigation-Menu section has been slightly modified to not yet link to pages which have not yet been created. Home-page has a video-display of one of the three new litters of puppies that will soon be available. Next updates to include the new listings for LA (Lakota's), MTA (Montana's) and VT (Violet's) puppies. Please check back often and help us advertise ! Thank you.
July 11th 2017: Our apologies for the lack of updates over the last month... some significant-inteference into the life of the web-master had prevented him from being able to have access to his on-line tools and from even being able to get on-line. New photos of the currently still remaining and available puppies were taken yesterday and the day before and are now currently being processed to update this web-site. Additionally, a new domain is also now available, and will be used as the primary listing site for available puppies (Vizslas in particular since they are currently the most numerous). See here...

June 11th 2017: The Gallery for Amber has been completed. I will not be working on any more updates to this web-site until after Wednesday the 14th of June 2017 due to other pertinent-matters that require my attention in order to quote multiple Supreme-Court-Cases into Legalese-documents that I need to submit in order to make people in Uniforms actually follow the Law instead of being the people who need to be policed.
June 10th 2017: Hey, everybody, the web-master may as well say something again about the progress with updating this web-site...

Part of the reason updates are taking as long as they are is because there are so many files to sort through and re-organise. Let me elaborate, basically, I have taken over as the new web-site designer/updater, whilst the previous web-mistress had made use of WordPress. I think a mention about the «Why I Probably Won't Use WordPress For Your Web-Site» article should be mentioned, and related to what are called Plug-Ins that break, I could not really make use of whatever happened with WordPress at the time because whatever updates or Plug-Ins that were put or combined into it apparently did «break» the site into such a manner that I had to re-do this web-site from essentially scratch in order to be able to update any photos.

One of the things that happened as I downloaded all of the old code and photos from the old WordPress-version of this web-site was that there were over 30,000 files totalling in excess of a few giga-bytes (I think it took a few hours to completely download everything via FTP since I currently only have access to a limited-speed DSL-connection), but I also found something peculiar that is taking up a lot of time, something that I cannot think of any way to automate; a lot of the photos from the previous web-site version are actually duplicate-pictures, but they have been copied into multiple different shapes and sizes from what-ever plug-in was being used, thus I have to manually scan through them in order to either find the original image or locate one amongst them that hasn't been necessarily cropped whilst also trying to select one that is of sufficient resolution for web-site display.

I give my sincere apologies to all of you dog-owners who have obtained your pets from Blue Creek Kennel and submitted your pictures, but are no longer able to view them in the Community Gallery at the moment, but rest-assured I am often working tireslessly in order to get this web-site properly coded and re-coded and re-designed to its completion (hopefully the current design is easy for everybody to navigate through and everybody should also be able to notice that this web-site in its current version should load on their phones and browsers much more quickly now compared to before)!

Several of the puppies are also not identifiable to me so I will create a section for them, and if you happen to be the owner who recognises your dog, please contact me so that I can put them into the appropriate section of the Community Gallery with the dog's name properly reflected.

June 7th 2017: Wow, already the 7th, and I still didn't update anything between then and now ? Actually, part of it was due to being a bit out-of-commission after chasing around 70 or so dogs all day for filming, plus the fact that it can be very time-consuming to figure out how to organise and design everything for the web-site (I do this «original» work after all, manually creating the code, rather than using any kind of software-programs to automatically generate a web-site). I think I now finally have the site-design that I am satisfied with, can update more quickly and easily, should be more mobile-phone compatible (for displaying on the screen), and whilst I update a bunch of pages today, I am just going to list them here in order of them being updated...
June 4th 2017: Several puppies have been sold but, before I can update the listings, I need to double-check and re-confirm with Bob as to which ones need to be updated. I think he informed me that GR 2 was sold the other day, and also another possible 5-6 other Vizslas from one of the other Pedigrees, but there is still a massive amount of work yet to be done in order to make the hot summer-days more comfortable for the dogs (they might need a swimming pool built where they can splash around instead of seeking shelter from the hot searing sun). Additionally, most of you have probably also noticed that this web-site has gone under yet another transformation, and I am coding things up this way for three main reasons...:
  1. This format makes it easier for me to keep pages updated more quickly
  2. More mobile-phone compatibility (most people seem to use their phones to load this web-site according to Bob)
  3. High-Speed Page-Loading (I am also keeping customer band-width limitations in mind since many phone-plans often have data-limits)
Even this «Updates» section will need to be split-up into smaller portions... eventually (working on many other pages for now).
May 29th 2017: All of the male puppies from Wyoming's Pedigree are now SOLD OUT. New footage of several Breeding Dogs and several WYG puppies were captured yesterday, but I still need to convert the video-formats in order to be able to embed them into the web-site, plus we also recorded footage of travel on the road from the highway all the way to the Kennel. WDY 4 was also sold and all of the listings should now be accurate and updated.

I also need to mention that, whilst out at the Kennel to film the breed-dogs and a few puppies, I had personally experienced that the breed-dogs there are most-certainly very friendly and actually seem to love to cuddle and hug. Yes, I am not kidding, although I could not really film it very well due to simultaneously holding the camera and simultaneously having Tommy put his front legs around me like a literal hug for a good full minute or two; and another one of the Vizsla Dams (likely to be the one named Missy from what I remember about their personalities from the first time I was ever at the Kennel) also do the same with her front legs wrapped around me like a little child giving me a hug for a literal full three or four minutes in a row. Dogs must be man's best friend for a reason!

Stay tuned for more updates in another estimated day or two!

May 27th 2017: A «Site-Map» page has now been added into the web-site but it's not yet fully complete. The site-map will make it easier for visitors to view something like a «quick-list» of available puppies so that you're not needing to click link after link after link in order to get to the page you are looking for. Also recorded a sample of a portion of what it looked like on my screen to work on the site-map page (due to saving it from an Excel-file into HTML-format I still needed to clean up some of the code in order to make the pages and navigation accessible for viewers). Web-editing footage to be added to video-clips section.
May 26th 2017: Design/Format of web-site updated (includes translator-widget). Videos updated. New behind-the-scenes-work-on-web-site video now uploaded and viewable in the Video-Clips section. Puppies WYG 5, 6, 7, have all been sold, and are no longer available for purchase. Articles to be written eventually.
May 13th 2017: A few videos of long-haired weimaraners have been uploaded; how-ever, due to time-constraints and energy requirements, the rest of the updates that need to be done on this web-site may resume some time between this evening and any time tomorrow, energy permitting (the update-descriptions should then also be more detailed than today's rather brief summary).
May 10th 2017: Latest Litter (Wyoming/Samson puppies) of Weimaraners here...
[ WYG Female Puppies: 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 ]
[ WYG Male Puppies: 05 | 06 | 07 | 08 ]
Note: The above-listed Weimaraner (all short-haired) puppies (all blue-coloured fur and most with no markings) were born on March 30th 2017 and will be available for purchase on May 25th 2017 (Update for May 26th 2017: A strike-out through the number means that the puppy has been sold already).
Still here, and recently just recorded a behind-the-scenes look at web-page editing, for those who are interested in witnessing how certain web-pages/productions are created/designed/updated/etc. Also going to add more stuff and, for anybody who is interested, videos will start to appear on this web-site soon, too. The first video is a behind-the-scenes look at how I am coding and updating this web-site, subsequent videos that I intend to include shall consist of a road-trip to the Kennel, short video-clips of the puppies (and probably also their parents eventually), and any other videos that might be appropriate and/or requested.
Additional update to mention today... uploaded and updated a bunch of listings which you can view by clicking on the
Availability List Section
(Use the Quick-List on the Left Side of Page to See Changes).
I also need to make mention to all of the dog-owners who've submitted their photos in the past of their purchased-from-Blue-Creek-Kennel dogs/puppies to be displayed on this web-site, the pictures of your pets are still here, I just need more time to be able to finish creating a section where your dogs will be available for viewing. See how your pets have grown over time since they were little all the way to the present day!
May 9th 2017: Updated listings for Moon/Beu Pedigree Litter, updating this updates-section so that we all know that the web-master isn't slacking off, slightly re-designed the availability page, and still updating everything with new photos/pictures, even while Bob and crew have already gone to sleep in preparation for tomorrow (yes, I am pulling another all-nighter, look forward to the possible/potential improvements).
May 3rd 2017: Updated primary listings to reflect which puppies are still available. Additionally, a new litter of puppies was recently born, and photos of them should be available by this week-end.
April 27th 2017: Updated photos available for Ginger's puppies. I am still familiarizing myself with Bob's work-requirements but as I learn more about what information needs to be updated I should be able to keep everybody up-to-date on a more timely basis while I continue to gain the necessary experience. From what I understand thus far, the photos are supposed to be updated once a week, allowing for viewers/visitors/customers to see the puppies' progression of growth. In the future, I will set it up to where the photos are displayed and separated by week 1, week 2, week 3, etc. For now the most recent updates are here...

Click Here For Updates to Ginger's Pedigrees

(Updates were with GR 1, GR 2, GR 4, GR 5, GR 7, GR 8, GR 9)

April 26th 2017: Hey, everybody, sorry about the lack of updates lately.

Catching a cold for one of the last several weeks wasn't particularly helping me either (and a whole host of other «crazy» things that have been going on in my life), but anyway, PLENTY of updates, lots of work, and there's been a new litter of puppies that were born recently.

First order of business, I will just briefly list here which puppies had already sold over the time during which I did not manage to keep this web-site updated, and they are as follows:

(Hmm, that's funny, I thought I had that list written down here somewhere, but no matter. Several of the CDs have been sold, along with some of the other breeds, and I still need to co-ordinate with Bob as to getting the photos for the new litter. I will at least have this page updated for now so that everyone knows that the web-site updates are not being ignored [just that there are a bunch of other matters that the web-master has needed to deal with lately]) Mar 25th 2017: Corrections to some wordings for various pages (with canines they are called Pedigrees as opposed to Blood-Lines or Lineages etc), linked the Parent Pedigrees of non-Weimaraner puppies, work still to be done on updating Certificate Information and pictures of Weimaraners.

Did you know that Weimaraners come in both Long-Haired and Short-Haired versions? Long-Haired Weimaraners are considered to be a very rare breed of dog. Many people do not even know that there even is such a thing as Long-Haired Weimaraners!

Anyway, a lot of work still needs to be done with the updating and coding of this web-site, but we are gradually making progress...

Mar 22nd 2017: Pending: Information on parents of Pedigrees to be added to listings.
Mar 11th 2017: Now that most of the puppy listings have been finished future updates to this web-site should be much faster. Thank you for visiting! Mar 10th 2017: Various updates to the formatting of this web-site, both major and minor, creation of new pages, updates to already existing pages, re-naming of various documents for purpose of organizing and web-visibility, etc. The following pages are also now accessible:
Mar 7th 2017: This updates page was added to web-site.
Mar 6th 2017: Various new Vizsla puppies were added to availability list;
note that the web-designer thinks that there might be a possibility that puppies of MY and MN Identifiers may have been mixed up in the descriptions but we will confirm the accuracy of the information after double-checking everything later with Bob Pedersen.
The Weimaraners that were listed before, but are currently not being displayed, are being updated and should be re-added to the list of available puppies soon; you can check back in this updates section to be notified of when the Weimaraner's section has been updated.

Mar 6th 2017: Format of web-site slightly altered due to change of web-site designer.