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Here in this section the web-master tries to keep you up-to-date on any changes that have been made to the web-site, when new puppies have become available, whether certain puppies are no longer available, any new relevant information that repeat-visitors to this web-site may find of importance or at least of some interest, etc. For now, they are listed in reverse-chronological order (is that correct ?), newest information at the top.
Jun 21st 2018: Listings for puppies mostly updated. Took a few hours due to needing to re-locate a bunch of information but should be much faster in the future after I finish optimising the code for this web-site. Time to take a break for now !
Jun 17th 2018: Yeah, so about these updates, I know I mentioned that I would likely have things ready by the following evening of the previous update, but it turned out that I ended up on an extended trip on the road and didn't have sufficient Internet-access nor equipment for working on this web-site. Anyway, I have been reviewing this site, and decided upon what I believe is a better format to make all information available, thus making it easier on my coding abilities, and simultaneously rendering this web-site more suitable for viewing from mobile-devices.

A guy can hope anyway. You may see some changes on a few pages but since there are several more to go, based upon the amount of time it took me to re-organise and re-code what I have now, I'm looking at an estimated two or three days worth of work in order to get all current information updated (expect several pages to remain currently outdated but I am working on what I can when I can). The rest is an on-going process that I'll probably need to find/form a «team» who can help me out (good luck with that since almost nobody I or anybody else knows has their own web-site let alone knowing much about HTML/CSS/etc). Feel free to check back here periodically in order to be informed of whichever updates have occurred most recently. Thanks for visiting !

May 29th 2018: I'm back (this web-site's editor), finally, and able to resume updating this web-site (unlawful interference into my life by the «de facto» had prevented me from accessing my computer until a few days ago). Anyway... I will be updating the following listings after I get back from Rapid City later today (should be completed within the hour after I'm back home) expected to be done by evening...

  • Lucy (Breeding Dog / Weimaraner)
  • Sally (Breeding Dog / Blue Weimaraner)
  • #GR 3
  • #LA 7
  • #MN2A
  • #MN 4
  • #MY 1
  • #MY 8
  • #MY10
  • #SY 1
  • #SY10
  • #SY12
  • #VT 1

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