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Blue Creek Kennel : Video-Clips

This section may include clips of puppies from Blue Creek Kennel (with the exception of the behind-the-scenes look at how the web-master does web-page editing). Once we are able to allocate time into schedule to obtain the necessary footage, you will then be able to see for yourself more about each puppy's personalities, temperaments, dispositions, friendliness, playfulness, etc. Updates to photos/videos are dependent upon a combination of everyone's available schedules and whether the conditions are weather-permitting.

Additional Note From Web-Master: Due to the nature of keeping information on web-sites organised, not every single possible available video will be put into this section, but I intend to create relevant «lists» for links to any videos that have been produced and collected here thus far. For example... customers of Blue Creek Kennel sometimes want to share photos of their puppies onto the web-site but, rather than limiting the Community Gallery to just photos, now we can soon have a videos-list for those who wish to submit their footage! Also, I think it would be a really good idea to create something like a «trailer» video for Blue Creek Kennel, similarly to how movies have their own introductions. If any of you have any ideas for a good «script» that you'd love to see put into film, please feel free to contact me via my web-master e-mail address, located in the Contact-Information page of this web-site.

Menu of Currently Available Video-Clips
Added July 12, 2017 A Brief Look at Some Breeding Dogs: Sally & Lucy
(Re-)Added July 12, 2017 Behind-the-Scenes Look at Web-Site Editing [ Clip 01 | Clip 02 | Clip 03 ]
Added July 11, 2017 WYG Litter (puppies born from Weimaraner-Dam named Wyoming)
Added June 4, 2017 Sky (Vizsla-Dam) Hugs Camera-Guy's Leg
Added June 4, 2017 Tommy (GSP-Sire) Hugs the Camera-Guy
Added June 4, 2017 Directions to Blue Creek Kennel (Road-Travel)
Added June 4, 2017 New Puppies From Lakota (Weimaraner-Dam)
Note Note: This menu still being updated but, due to the several dozens of pages that need to be created and/or updated, rather than wait until one gigantic update of this entire web-site is completed, you will see partial-updates until its completion.